Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yet another capo cheat sheet for guitar

I know there are a million of these out there on the Internet already, but I never quite found one that addresses my needs.  Nicole Ellis is awesome at figuring out where to put the capo and what key to play in on the fly.  I am...not!  It's only been a week, but I'm finding that it's essential to my mental well-being to know what key I'm in.  I'm just wierd that way.  I also wanted to know, if X key suits my voice, but has chords that I currently suck at, what are my other options for getting there.  Likewise, if Nicole's playing something in X key that's good for both our voices, but I learned it in a different key, where can I put the capo in the meantime so we can just get on with the practice, and I'll learn the other key later.  There's also the matter of us having at least 1 song currently that's in D flat.  If you're great at playing in D flat, more power to you.  I'd just rather not go there!  But I'd also rather not stop the entire performance to tune all my strings down a half step.  Because if there's something that annoys me more than not knowing what key I'm in, it's not having my guitar in the standard tuning.  It's like suddenly being in an alternate universe.  One where I'm just slightly less cool than I am in this one.

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